Friday, March 14, 2014

Leather and Sweater and Tights, Oh My!

I was in a fashion slump for a couple weeks because it was so freakin' cold and there are only so many layers one can put on to stay warm and still cute.  So last weekend when it got up to about 30, I was thrilled I could ditch the down jacket, scarf and hat and go for a lighter jacket and skirt.  Both of these pieces make regular appearances on my body and I wear them year round.  The jacket works great as all day jacket and the leather skirt, well its leather, so it's awesome.

Feel free to duplicate my look.  I'll even help you find the pieces.

There are a few option for the jacket:
Kensie (my top pick)

And the skirt:
Chelsea 28(faux but still a good choice)

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