Monday, November 3, 2014

The Cape Trend

This Fall has been a little crazy in my household and I haven't posted anything in a VERY long time.  Apparently, my free time has been a little nonexistent.  T and I moved into our house over two years ago and its a bit of fixer-upper.  This summer's project was a new garage, well, maybe 'garage' isn't quite accurate, its more of a home for the vehicles.  T finally has his dream garage.  And since we are do-it-yourselfers, we did a lot of it ourselves.  There are only a few more touches to complete but I am happy to announce that I now able to actually park in it.  Which is such a luxury in Minnesota, especially going into fall/winter. 

Cape: Pendelton (found at a consignment shop), Jeans: J Crew, Shoes: J Crew (also found at consignment shop)

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  1. I likey! And those jeans are great….may have to reconsider JCrew's denim.